Microsoft Edge support for Windows 7 ends on July 15, 2021

Microsoft says that it'll continue supporting its new Edge browser on Windows 7 until mid-July 2021.

Microsoft Edge on Windows 7

Microsoft is expected to end support for the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge on July 15, 2021. When the software giant launched the new version of the Edge browser based on the Chromium engine for Windows 10, it also made it available for older versions of the operating system, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

However, since the company ended support of Windows 7 in January 2020, there has been concerns about the support of the browser for the older version of the operating system. According to a new documentation page, it seems that Microsoft has plans to continue supporting the modern version of Edge until July 15, 2021.

Although users still running Windows 7 can keep using the more secure Chromium version of Edge for a little longer, Microsoft warns that devices using a unsupported version of the operating system are still vulnerable, and it’s recommending users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Furthermore, the company also says that “for IE mode to be supported on these operating systems the devices will need to have the Extended Security Updates for Windows 7.”