Microsoft now has only a single OneNote app for Windows 11

Microsoft merges OneNote apps into a single experience for Windows 11.

OneNote UI update

Microsoft has finalized merging the OneNote and OneNote for Windows 10 apps into a single application that you can now download from the Microsoft Store. However, this is not a new app that replaces the apps. Instead, this is the same classic app with new features and experiences from the other app available for Windows 10.

As part of the new features, the company is gradually rolling out a new simplified ribbon menu to make the experience feel less cluttered. Also, the app frame includes design changes to match the look of Windows 11 with rounded corners and mica material.

Furthermore, the unified version of OneNote also comes with new features, such as digital ink to use the app with the pen and dictation.

Overall, the new OneNote will continue to be the same classic app, but the company says that the OneNote for Windows 10 is no longer available in the Microsoft Store. This is mainly because the app was built using the Universal Windows Platform technology, which Microsoft has already abandoned.

If you have installed it, you can continue to use it, but it won’t get new features, and updates will stop in October 2025. If you want, it’s possible to download the older app through this Microsoft page.