OpenAI to release ChatGPT 4 with video support on March 14

OpenAI is readying the release of ChatGPT version 4, which could significantly improve the Bing Chat AI experience.

OpenAI ChatGPT 4
OpenAI ChatGPT 4
  • OpenAI is expected to release ChatGPT version 4 in the coming days.
  • The new version will significantly improve the capability of the technology.
  • The updated Large Language Model will introduce new capabilities like video creation.

As Microsoft keeps pushing the new Bing experience with ChatGPT integration across its different products and services, the company’s CTO in Germany, Andreas Braun, has revealed during the AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff (via Windows Central) that OpenAI will release the ChatGPT version 4 in mid-March.

According to the announcement, the GPT-4 model will provide a more powerful Large Language Model (LLM) that will unlock a new range of capabilities than the current GPT-3.5 model, including the ability to create videos using AI. 

The current version of ChatGPT uses the GPT-3.5 model that only supports answers using text. The new announcement from the Microsoft CTO suggests that GPT-4 could change the game by incorporating video creation and the use of other kinds of content. In addition, the new language model can solve more difficult problems with even more accuracy as a result of its broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

It’s important to note that new Bing uses a custom version of ChatGPT (the company has confirmed that Bing has been using GPT-4 since the beginning, meaning it was not version 3.5), and the Prometheus technology from Microsoft that allows the chatbot integrates with the Bing search engine to generate answers and responses to current events, something that OpenAI ChatGPT cannot do.

The announcement is about OpenAI bringing GPT-4 to market. It’s unclear when Microsoft will update its new Bing experience to GPT-4 and the new features that will be available with this updated language model.

The Bing Chat AI is still in a limited preview, meaning you must join the waitlist before accessing the chatbot. The company also recently increased the limits to 15 queries per session and up to 150 sessions per day. You can learn more about the new Bing experience in this guide.

Update March 14, 2023: Microsoft has confirmed that the version of ChatGPT available with the new Bing Chat has been version 4.

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