Quick Tip: How to hide Facebook sidebar

Facebook headquarters logo

As you know, the so magical and smart new Facebook sidebar is being quiet annoying for many users and until recently there was not an easy way to turn it off, but now is different! If you notice at the bottom-right of the sidebar there is a new button (see first image below), when you click it will hide the sidebar for good, even if you log out and log back in it won’t be there anymore.

If after a while you feel that you want it back, just click the chat bar in the bottom-right of the screen or in the wide large screen, click the button on the left sidebar under the Marketplace link (see second and third image below).

I guess that after hearing a lot of user complaints, seeing many unofficial “apps” for different web browsers that came out trying to help getting rid of the sidebar, and other work-around that were popping up on the web. Facebook finally realize that they were doing more bad than good, and in many cases they weren’t enhancing the user experience with the always-on sidebar — now is lesson learned!

Hide Facebook Sidebar   Facebook Chat bar    Show Facebook Sidebar

It still a little bit uncomfortable that there are two ways to show the sidebar back, but at least you won’t be bothered as much anymore.

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