How to send SMS text using Messaging app on Windows 10 PC

Microsoft adds the ability to send and recieve SMS text messages from your PC running Windows 10 with Messaging Everywhere. Here's how to setup the feature.

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 Mobile in the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 now allows you to send and receive SMS text messages that you would normally be able to do only with your phone. The feature will debut officially for everyone with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but at the moment of the writing, if your computer is part of the Insider Program, you can try the new functionality using the Messaging app and configuring the new Messaging everywhere feature.

The new messaging feature is available starting Windows 10 Mobile build 14327 and later, but you also need to have a Windows 10 PC running build 14316 or later. 

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to enable Messaging everywhere on your phone and PC to send and receive SMS texts from your computer.

How to send and receive SMS texts from your PC

  1. Make sure you’re signed in with your Microsoft Account in your phone and on your PC.

  2. On your Windows 10 Mobile phone, open the Messaging app.

  3. Open the settings page.

  4. Under Messaging everywhere Make sure Send texts on all my Windows devices is enabled.

    Windows 10 Mobile Messaging Everywhere Settings

  5. On your computer, open the Messaging app.

  6. Open the settings page.

  7. On Messaging everywhere, under Send messages through, select the phone you want to send messages through.

    Messaging Everywhere app settings for Windows 10 PC

  8. Try to send a message from your PC.

After you press send, the text will now sync through the cloud to your phone, and your phone will then forward or send the SMS text to its recipient. In the same way, you can use the Messaging app on your phone to send a message to someone, and all those texts will also sync and appear in your Windows 10 PC.

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