Microsoft shares sneak peek of new Outlook app for Windows 10

Microsoft accidentally publishes a screenshot revealing the design of the upcoming One Outlook app for Windows 10.

One Outlook for Windows 10
  • Microsoft accidentally shows off the new Outlook app.
  • The app includes rounded corners, new iconography, and design tweaks.
  • The One Outlook app is meant to replace the Mail and Calendar built-in apps on Windows 10.

In January, Microsoft began testing a new version of the Outlook app (codenamed “Monarch” and “One Outlook”) to replace the built-in Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10. The new app is based on the Outlook web with a new modern design for different form factor devices.

On the Office Insider Release Notes website, the company (via Windows Latest) has posted a screenshot that reveals a first look at the new Outlook app for Windows 10. The image was posted to showcase the new “Org Explorer” app for Outlook. However, it also shows parts of the new “One Outlook” app. For instance, the screenshot reveals a new look with rounded corners, new iconography that matches the new icons that Microsoft is pushing on Windows 10 with the Sun Valley update, and an updated title bar that also features quick action buttons, a search box, and additional padding.

Out Outlook rounded corners
Out Outlook (source: Microsoft)

Although it resembles the web and desktop version of the mail application, the rounded corners are significant because it shows the new design direction that the company is pushing with the new version of Windows 10.

The screenshot appears in the beta channel notes for Office, indicating that Microsoft already has a workable version of the app. However, if the company follows the same rumored schedule, we will likely not see the app until 2022.