How to switch profiles automatically on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge can now detect and offer to switch profiles automatically based on the link you click, and here's how to enable the feature.

Switch profiles settings on Microsoft Edge

On Microsoft Edge, the ability to create multiple profiles is a handy feature when you want to use different accounts and want to keep your history, favorites, passwords, and other things separate between personal and work accounts whether you use a Microsoft Account or a Work or School Account.

However, because switching profiles can add extra steps and confusion, Microsoft Edge also comes with an automatic profiles switching feature, which detects and prompt you to switch to the appropriate profile when it detects that a link is personal or work link. Also, the Chromium version of the browser has an option to set a default profile for external links, such as those from email or another application.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to switch profiles automatically and set a default profile for external links on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

How to switch between profiles automatically

To switch Microsoft Edge profiles automatically, use these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.

  2. Click the Settings and More (three-dotted) button on the top-right corner.

  3. Select the Settings option.

  4. Click on Profiles.

  5. Under the first profile section, click the Multiple profiles preferences option.

    Microsoft Edge profile settings
    Microsoft Edge profile settings
    Quick note: This option is only available if you have multiple profiles added. You can also get to these settings using this link: edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings.
  6. Turn on the Automatic profile switching toggle switch.

    Multiple profile preferences
    Multiple profile preferences
  7. Under the “Default profile for external links” section, use the drop-down menu and select the default profile to open links from email and other applications.

Once you complete the steps, as Edge detects that a link is a work or personal link, it’ll automatically prompt you to switch profiles before opening the link.

Also, when using apps on Windows 10, such as the Mail app, Outlook, or another application, the external links will open using the profile you set as the default.