Tiny11 ISO updated to Windows 11 23H2

You can now download the Windows 11 23H2 Tiny11 ISO to perform clean installation or in-place upgrade without bloatware or unneeded features.

Tiny11 Windows 11

The creator (@NTDEV_ ) of the Tiny11 has updated the ISO file to install Windows 11 23H2. Tiny11 is a custom ISO image of Windows 11 (not supported by Microsoft) created with the open-source OSDBuilder tool that aims to declutter the installation by removing everything unnecessary, such as default apps, services, and features to install the operating system on low-end unsupported hardware.

The last version of the image was based on version 22H2, and ahead of the release of the new version, @NTDEV_ has updated the ISO file to Windows 11 23H2 to perform a clean installation or in-place upgrade.

Although Tiny11 strips out many default elements to create a lightweight version of the operating system that takes less space on the hard drive, everything works as expected, including Windows Update, activation, and the essential included apps. It also maintains many security features, such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Firewall, Core isolation, Data encryption, and more. In addition, the installation also removes Microsoft Edge, meaning you will have to bring your preferred web browser after finishing the setup.

One of the most significant changes (via Neowin) with the Windows 11 23H2 Tiny11 is the integration of the Xbox Identity Provider support that will allow users to play games from the Microsoft Store and Xbox-related services.

Since version 23H2 is still not available, the Tiny11 ISO image is still based on version 22H2, but it includes the latest updates and changes expected to roll out with the next feature update.

In addition to the lightweight version of Windows 11, there’s also a new image for Windows 10 23H2.

It’s important to note that while Tiny11 provides an alternative method to install Windows 11 (or 10) without all the unnecessary clutter, it’s still not an image supported by Microsoft. You also have to consider the privacy implications of installing an operating system that has been modified by a third party. You only use Tiny11 if you know what you’re doing. You have been warned.

You can download the Tiny11 for Windows 11 23H2 from the Internet Archive website, and you can use these instructions to perform a clean installation using Tiny11.

Alternatively, instead of using the Tiny11 ISO file, you can use this trick to perform a clean install of Windows 11 without any bloatware. Or you can use this tool to remove all the unnecessary apps and services after setting up a new installation of the operating system.