Task Manager upcoming new features for Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft will refresh Task Manager with a new search feature, independent color support, and more.

Windows 11 Task Manager search

Microsoft plans to release an updated version of the Task Manager with several changes in future feature drop updates for Windows 11. In addition to bringing back the option to open the Task Manager from the Taskbar context menu, the software giant is expected to add a search functionality, independent support for color themes, and other improvements.

The new search is a filter feature that appears at the top (similar to the search box in the Microsoft Store app) that allows you to find processes quickly by binary name, PID, or publisher name.

Task Manager search
Task Manager search

The filter algorithm matches the context keyword with all possible matches and displays them on the current page. The filter is also applied as you switch between pages. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “ALT + F” to focus on the filter box.

As part of the theming experience, in this update, you will now be able to change the color mode regardless of the system color mode you use from the app’s settings page. The app only responded to the system color mode in the past, but now, the feature is independent.

Microsoft is also updating the dialogs with the new modern design style available on Windows 11 and support for the dark color mode, except for the “Run new task” and “Properties” dialogs.

Task Manager efficiency mode
Task Manager efficiency mode

Finally, this version of the app makes it easy to apply efficiency mode and provides the ability to opt-out of the confirmation dialog. You can change the “Efficiency mode” dialog box by unchecking “Don’t ask me again,” or you can disable it from the Task Manager settings.

These new changes are already available for participants of the Windows Insider Program with devices enrolled in the Beta Channel. If you have the latest update installed but don’t see the search box, you can use these instructions to enable the feature.

Microsoft hasn’t shared details on when this new version of Task Manager will release. However, it’s expected to arrive with the next feature drop for Windows 11 22H2.