Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update, removed features

Alongside the new improvements, Windows 10 version 2004 is removing and deprecating several features. Here's the list.

Windows 10 version 2004 removed features

Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 Update) on May 27, 2020, which adds several features and functionality, but during the development cycle, it’s also when the company usually removes some of the features that may no longer be useful, obsolete, or will be replaced with a new experience. 

In the case of the May 2020 Update, Windows 10 isn’t removing or deprecating a lot of features, only Cortana and Windows To Go are no longer available, and this new version deprecates the legacy version of Edge, Dynamic Disks, and Companion Device Framework.

Features removed on version 2004

Windows 10 version 2004 is removing these features:

  • Cortana: The experience has been updated and enhanced in the May 2020 Update. With these changes, some previously available consumer skills such as music, connected home, and other non-Microsoft skills are no longer available.
  • Windows To Go: The feature was deprecated in Windows 10 version 1903, and it has now been removed with this release.
  • Connect: The app for wireless projection using Miracast is no longer available by default. However, it’s now an optional feature that you can install through the Settings app.

Features deprecated on version 2004

Windows 10 version 2004 is deprecating these features:

  • Companion Device Framework: No longer under active development.
  • Microsoft Edge: The legacy version of Microsoft Edge is no longer being developed.
  • Dynamic Disks: The feature is no longer being developed. (Dynamic Disks will be fully replaced by Storage Spaces in a future release.)

The deprecated features will continue to ship with Windows 10 for the foreseeable future, but they are no longer in development, and they will be removed in future releases.

You can always check this Microsoft support site for more details about the features no longer available or planned to be replaced with this version of Windows 10.

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