Windows 10 removes download driver updates option from Device Manager

Windows 10's Device Manager no longer lets users download driver updates, and moving forward, you'll need to use the "Optional updates" page in Settings to update drivers.

Optional update settings on Windows 10 20H1

Starting with Windows 10 update KB4566782 (build 19041.450), you can no longer use Device Manager to check and download driver updates from Windows Update.

According to Microsoft, when a new driver update is detected on your device, it’ll now be available in the “Optional updates” settings page through the Windows Update settings. “That means you no longer need to utilize Device Manager to search for updated drivers for specific devices,” the company explains. In the Optional updates page, you’ll also find monthly non-security quality updates and feature updates as they become available.

On Windows 10, Device Manager is a legacy console part of the Control Panel experience that allows users to view and control physical components connected to the device. Usually, when a piece of hardware isn’t working, users would use Device Manager to check and download the latest available driver updates from Windows Update to resolve the issue.

Online driver update (left), No driver update (right)
Online driver update (left), No online driver update (right)

After installing update KB4566782, users will no longer be able to check for driver updates using this method. However, you can still use Device Manager to update drivers automatically with drivers already available on your computer or specifying a path manually.

If you’re having driver problems, moving forward, you can check for optional updates under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View optional updates.

Windows 10 Optional updates settings
Windows 10 Optional updates settings

It’s worth noting that the “View optional updates” option is only available when the system detects an update. Otherwise, the option will not appear in the Settings app.

Although Microsoft is removing the ability to check for driver updates from Device Manager, it’s usually recommended to download and install newer drivers from your manufacturer support website.