Windows 11 24H2 (build 26100.863) releases as official preview

The first preview of version 24H2 for Windows 11 arrives with many new features and changes.

Windows 11 build 26100.712
Windows 11 build 26100.712 / Image: Mauro Huculak
  • You can now download the Windows 11 24H2 official preview from the Release Preview Channel.
  • Build 26100.863 doesn’t include Recall, only some of the new features expected.
  • Microsoft is also making available the version 24H2 ISO file for download via the Windows Insider Program.
  • This preview was first available as build 26100.712, but now, it has been re-released as build 26100.863.

UPDATED 6/16/2024: On May 22, 2024, Microsoft will release the first official preview of Windows 11 24H2 (2024 Update) in the Release Preview Channel of the Windows Insider Program. This rollout includes many of the new features and improvements in version 24H2, but it’s not the final version or a complete update.

According to the official announcement, Windows 11 build 26100.863 will switch the version number from 23H2 to 24H2, and it will introduce several new features, including Sudo for Windows, the new Energy Saver feature, Voice Clarity, and more.

In addition, this release confirms the ability to create 7-zip and TAR archival formats from File Explorer is finally coming with version 24H2. The company is also introducing a redesigned interface for the Quick Settings flyout that now makes the experience scrollable without the need to add and remove buttons. And there’s a new version of Copilot that behaves as an app, meaning you can resize, move around, and pin to the Taskbar.

Furthermore, build 26100.863 also rolls out support Rust in the Windows Kernel, HDR images for desktop backgrounds, and Wi-Fi 7.

Finally, you will also find improvements for connecting Bluetooth Low Energy Audio devices.

Windows 11 build 26100.863 new features

This is the first wave of new features and improvements coming to version 24H2.

Sudo for Windows 11

Sudo (superuser do) is a command that allows you to run elevated programs without running the Windows Terminal as an administrator. This feature is identical to the one that has been available on Unix-based operating systems (such as Linux and macOS) since the 1980s.

Sudo help command

This command allows you to perform many operations, such as deleting a protected file, invoking elevated commands, and opening a new terminal to perform any task. However, it’s limited compared to the version available on other platforms.

Energy Saver

“Energy Saver” is a new power-saving mode that replaces the existing “Battery Saver” mode. It not only helps extend a device’s battery life but also reduces energy usage on computers without a battery.

PC with battery enable Energy Saver

The power-saving mode is based on the “Battery Saver” and the “Power mode” features, meaning it extends battery life and reduces energy usage by trading off system performance.

Voice Clarity

Voice Clarity is an AI-powered feature that enhances audio by canceling echo, suppressing background noise, and reducing reverberation in real-time. It works with apps using Communications Signal Processing Mode, such as Phone Link and WhatsApp, without needing extra hardware.

The feature works automatically on supported applications. You want to find an option that says turn on Voice Clarity.

7-zip and TAR creation wizard

Starting with version 24H2, File Explorer adds a new compression wizard to create 7-zip and TAR files in addition to ZIP archival formats. The wizard also provides different options for compression levels and methods.

Create TAR, Zip, 7zip UI
Create TAR, Zip, 7zip UI / Image: Mauro Huculak

Quick Settings new interface 

The Quick Settings flyout has a redesigned interface that ditches the option to edit the available items for a scrollable page, giving you quick access to all the shortcuts.

Quick Settings scrollable UI
Quick Settings scrollable UI / Image: Mauro Huculak

Copilot as an app

You can now undock the Copilot side panel to use the chatbot as a regular app, which you can resize and move around the desktop.

New Copilot app
New Copilot app / Image: Mauro Huculak

Also, starting with build 26100.863, Copilot will be pinned automatically in the Taskbar, meaning that it will no longer appear in the System Tray.

Wi-Fi 7 support

Windows 11 24H2 also supports Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be Extremely High Throughput (EHT)). This is the latest wireless standard based on Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, and it offers a theoretical maximum speed of over 40 Gbps. Significantly faster than the 9.6 Gbps of Wi-Fi 6.

Of course, the device will need a Wi-Fi 7 network card and a supported access point to access this new networking support.


Microsoft notes that many of the intended features are part of this release. So, you won’t have the Recall feature, which reinvents the timeline experience with AI, and many other features as they require a Copilot Plus PC. The company is expected to share more details on new features and changes in the coming months as the official release of Windows 11 24H2 approaches.

Windows 11 Recall
Windows 11 Recall / Image: Microsoft

Install version 24H2

If you want to install the first official preview of the Windows 11 2024 Update, you must enroll your computer in the Release Preview Channel. Once you enroll the computer in the program, you can download the build from the “Windows Update” settings by turning on the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option, clicking the “Check for Updates” button, and then clicking the “Download & install” button for the “Windows 11, version 24H2 is available” option.

The software giant is also making available the official preview of the Windows 11 24H2 ISO file, which you can use to perform a clean installation of the operating system.

Update June 16, 2024: Microsoft first made available Windows 11 version 24H2 as build 26100.712 in the Release Preview Channel, but now, it has been re-released as build 26100.863. This newer release doesn’t include anything new.

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