Windows 11 Recall: full list of keyboard shortcuts

You can use these keyboard shortcuts to navigate and work faster with Recall and snapshots.

Surface Laptop (7th Edi.) and Recall icon
Surface Laptop (7th Edi.) and Recall icon / Image: Microsoft
  • The Recall feature on Windows 11 includes several shortcuts, including “Windows key + J” to open the app, a “Home” key to jump back to the beginning of the timeline, a “Tab” key to move to the “now” segment, and many others.

On Windows 11, in addition to navigating the Recall app with the mouse, you can also use keyboard shortcuts, and in this guide, I will show you the complete list.

Recall is the new timeline experience that uses a combination of snapshots and AI to analyze and help you search with natural language and find virtually anything you have done or seen on the screen. It’s designed as a “time machine” for your computer activity. 

Although you can easily move around the Recall interface with the mouse, the experience also includes an array of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to work more quickly with the timeline. On Windows 11, Recall provides two sets of shortcuts. The first set allows you to navigate the application, while the second of shortcuts has been designed to interact with elements within the snapshot.

The table below includes all the keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft has created to interface with the Recall feature on Windows 11.

Recall keyboard shortcuts

Windows 11 Recall app shortcuts
Windows key + JOpen Recall.
Home keyJumps back to timeline beginning.
Tab keyJumps to timeline segment for now.
Continues Tab hitting moves timeline forward to the right.
Right arrow keyMoves timeline forward to the right.
Shift + TabMoves timeline previous to the left.
Left arrow keyMoves timeline previous to the left.
Ctrl + right arrowDrags the time indicator to the right in timeline.
Ctrl + left arrowDrags the time indicator to the left in timeline.
Enter keyJumps to the first snapshot in a segment and focuses on the snapshot.
Windows 11 Recall within snapshot shortcuts
Enter keyOpens snapshot.
Tab keyJumps to the next item in the top level group.
Esc keyJumps back up a level when navigating.
Arrow keysMoves in the direction of the key in the current level.
Ctrl +A Selects text within a group.
Ctrl + C
Copies the selected item.
Ctrl + left or right arrowJumps next or previous word in the group.
Jumps to the first or last word in a multi-word selection.
Ctrl + Shift + left or right arrowInserts or deletes words from a multi-word selection.
Space keyOpens the context menu for the selected item or text.
Home keyChanges focus to the first item in the group when moving inside a group.
End keyChanges focus to the last item in the group when moving inside a group.

It’s important to note that Recall is an exclusive feature for Copilot Plus PCs that have a specific type of processor with a built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to handle the AI tasks. Currently, it’s only available on computers with Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors. You can also use these instructions to enable Recall on Windows 11 and these steps to exclude apps and websites you don’t want the feature to save information.

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