Windows 11 gets ‘End task’ option to force quit unresponsive apps from Taskbar

Windows 11 will make it easier to close unresponsive apps without opening the Task Manager.

Windows 11 Taskbar End Task
  • Microsoft to add a quick way to force quit an app Windows 11.
  • The “End task” option will be available when right-clicking the app button from the Taskbar.
  • This feature will save some extra steps since users will no longer have to open the Task Manager.

Windows 11 is getting a new “End task” (also seen as “Force quit”) option to quickly terminate those apps that are not responding. The feature is similar to one for macOS users, and it’ll allow users to close applications without having to open the Task Manager.

Traditionally, users will close an application by clicking the “Close” (X) button from the top-right corner or using the “File” menu with the “Exit,” “Close,” or “Quit” options. However, if there’s a problem and the app becomes unresponsive, users have to open the Task Manager app and find and close the process to terminate the app.

Although this is a fairly easy process, it’s not a straightforward process. As a result, in future updates, Windows 11 will include a new “End task” option in the app’s context menu in the Taskbar. This means that when an app is not responding, you will be able to right-click the app’s button in the Taskbar and choose the “End task” option to crash, and quickly close the application. You can then re-launch the app to continue working.

Taskbar right-click End task option
Taskbar right-click End task option

Microsoft is adding this feature for developers since during the development process of apps, they’re the ones that have to deal with more unresponsive apps, but anyone will able to use it.

Taskbar End task for apps option
Taskbar End task for apps option

The “End task” option will be optional, and users will be able to turn it on or off from Settings > System > For developers and turn on the “End task” toggle switch. (On my setup, the feature appears as “End task” in the Settings app and in the Taskbar for some reason, but during the Build 2023 conference, the feature also appeared as “Force quit”.)

The feature is already available on Windows 11 build 23466, and it could be another feature that Microsoft is planning for Windows 11 23H2.