Windows 11 23H2 new features and changes (so far)

Here's everything we know about Windows 11 23H2 so far.

Windows 11 23H2 new features

Windows 11 version 23H2 (codenamed “Sun Valley 3”) is the next feature update of the desktop operating system from Microsoft that is expected to arrive during the second half of 2023.

We are still many months away from the official release of version 23H2. However, the company is actively working on the next update, and some of the new features can already be found in the latest Insider previews.

It’s important to note that changes available through the Dev Channel are not tied to any specific release of Windows 11. However, most of the new improvements are expected to ship in the next feature update, and some others may arrive even before, through cumulative updates.

This guide includes the new features and changes as they appear through the Windows Insider Program and will be updated regularly to reflect the changes. Last updated on June 6, 2022, with the changes available on build 25131.


As part of the new features for Windows 11 23H2, Microsoft may include:

  • New Suggested actions feature.
  • New Search desktop widget for web searches.
  • File Explorer new improvements.
  • Accounts settings with Office information.

What’s new on Windows 11 23H2

Windows 11 23H2 features are already available through the Windows Insider Program.

Suggested actions

Starting on Windows 11 23H2, “Suggested Actions” is a new feature that brings up inline suggestions to create a calendar event or make a phone call when copying a date, time, or phone number.

If you copy a phone number, the inline flyout would suggest making the call with Microsoft Teams or other apps available on the computer.

Suggested actions
Suggested actions (Source: Microsoft)

Coping a date or time will suggest creating a calendar event, and when you choose the app, an event will be created with all the information already filled in.

Search desktop widget

In this release, Windows 11 also introduces a new search widget that allows you to perform a web search quickly.

The widget is a floating search box that appears centered at the top of the screen. When you type a query and press Enter, the result will show in Microsoft Edge using Bing search.

Desktop search widget
Desktop search widget (Source: Microsoft)

The feature comes enabled by default, but you can disable it by right-clicking the desktop, selecting the “Show more options,” and choosing the “Show search” option. The only caveat is that the feature doesn’t respect the default browser or search engine preferences.

File Explorer

It’s still unclear when tabs will be available in File Explorer, but at this early stage, the app has been updated to include a new icon for the “New folder” option to make it more consistent across the experience.

File Explorer new folder icon
File Explorer new folder icon

Settings app

As part of the Settings app, version 23H2 is expected to include various improvements, including more settings from Control Panel.

Accounts section

In the Accounts section, you will now see information about your Office perpetual products, such as Office 2021 or Office 2019, instead of just information from Microsoft 365.

Accounts settings page
Accounts settings page (Source: Microsoft)

You will also notice a “View Details” option to reveal more details about the product available through your Microsoft account online.