Windows 11 Home new install process

Windows 11 Home: hands-on video with new clean install process

This is how the clean installation process of Windows 11 Home looks like.

Windows 11 Home has a similar installation process to the Pro edition. However, despite the official internet and Microsoft account requirements for the initial setup, it appears you may be able to skip these requirements and continue with a local account after all.

In this hands-on video, we will walk you through the process to install a clean copy of the Home edition of Windows 11, including the entire out-of-box experience (OOBE). An experience that now includes the option to rename the computer to make it easier to identify it among your other devices and forces uses to use Microsoft account to complete the setup.

However, you will see in the video that disconnecting the laptop or desktop from the internet and going a step back falls back to the option to complete the initial setup with a local account if that’s something you want.

Although the new OOBE features an animated light theme with rounded corners and a more user-friendly design, the steps are virtually the same as previous versions with some additions, include (as mentioned above) the ability to rename the device and Game Pass promotion. The experience also removes the offline option and the ability to set up Cortana.

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