Windows 9: notification center shown in action from leaked build 9834 (video)

In a new video from the leaked version of Windows 9 Technical Preview build 9834 shows the new notification center in action. Since the partner version of Windows 9 leaked onto the web, details about the future of Microsoft’s next operating system have gotten a bit clear. We’ve seen the new Start menu, an improved desktop user-interface with a new flat design, virtual desktops, and we discovered evidence of Cortana and Storage Sense coming to Windows 9.

There is a lot going on in the next version of Windows, which is due in 2015. The new notification center has one purpose only, to put your notifications front-and-center, unlike the notification center in Windows Phone 8.1, this one will pop-up from the taskbar in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Windows 9 notification center demonstrated in the YouTube video uploaded from, shows that notifications pile-up as the arrive as event happens in your system like those from balloon tips when you need to remove a USB drive and those toast-notifications triggered by apps like when receiving a new message from Skype.

You can get access to the notification center by clicking an icon in the taskbar. Once opened, notifications will be listed in a chronological order with a name, description, and time, but they are grouped by app. There is also a “Clear All” button to remove all the notifications, but users can delete them one-by-one.

Internally the next version of the operating system is known as Windows Threshold, but the leaked is labeled as “Windows Technical Preview”, and a public preview is expected to release in September 30th, with a final release in April, 2015. However I wouldn’t be surprise to start seeing a ISO image of Windows Technical Preview ready for download pretty soon.

Source YouTube