Windows Terminal picks up new features with version 1.4

Windows Terminal Preview receives another update adding jump list and hyperlink support.

Windows Terminal with jump list

Microsoft has released version 1.4 for Windows Terminal. The update is available for the preview version of the Windows 10 app, and it introduces a few interesting features.

According to the software giant, Windows Terminal Preview version 1.4 includes support for jump list, which means that you can now right-click the app from the taskbar to launch your preferred command console (PowerShell, Command Prompt, Azure, Linux, etc.). Also, the jump list works when right-clicking the app within the Start menu.

Windows Terminal version 1.4 also adds support for blink graphic rendition attribute SGR 5 that allows you to blink displays in the text buffer.

In addition to the app ships with support for hyperlinks, allowing to open a website from within the console by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the link that appears with an underline. In future updates, the company is expected to add support for automatic detection of links in plain text.

Along with the newly added support, the update also includes a few fixes.

If you’re running the stable version of the app, then version 1.3 is now available, which includes all the previously announced features.

You can download the preview version of Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store, or the stable version also from the Store.