How to set up multiple email accounts in Windows 8 Mail metro style app

Mail Windows 8 app

Learn step-by-step how to set up multiple emails accounts in Mail metro style app on Windows 8.

At first glimpse seems easy, you open the Mail app for the first time and you get prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account and you are in. Soon after you start reading emails, you realize that you want to add multiple email accounts, and this is when it may get a little bit tricky for many new users of Windows 8. You look around and it seems that there is not an option to add either a Hotmail, Gmail, or Exchange account, so what do you do?

Multiple email accounts are supported, you just need to know where to look, for Mail and most of the Windows 8 Metro style app, you need to access the app settings to change their configuration, and in this case to add another account. Follow these steps:

1 While in Mail, move the mouse pointer to the top-right corner of the screen to bring Charms and click Settings, or you can use Windows 8 Logo Monochrome + I shortcut to bring the Settings menu, and click Accounts.

Settings Mail Windows 8

2 In Accounts you can view all the email accounts currently configured, if you want to add one more, simply click Add an account.

Accounts Mail Windows 8 app

3 Select the email service for your new account — currently only Hotmail, Gmail and Exchange email accounts are supported in Mail –.

Add an Account - Mail

4 Then type the new email address and password and click Connect.

Add a Hotmail Account - Mail

Repeat the steps to add different accounts to Mail. That’s all there is to it.