Microsoft updates installation UI in Windows 10

Mockup shows Microsoft replacing the old setup process user interface with a new modern design in Windows 10.

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Microsoft has been introducing changes from top to bottom in Windows 10; almost every aspect of the operating system has received some sort of update. However, one thing remains the same since Windows Vista and that is the user interface during installation process.

According to a new report from Neowin, Microsoft has finally updated the installation UI to a more simple and modern design. Today, we don’t have an image of the new change, but we do have a mockup of how the interface currently looks like, which the report assures is accurate.

As you can see, the new installation UI has a monochrome color scheme. At the top, the screen reads the name of the operating system you’re installing, e.g., “Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview” and below reads “Your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax”.

Windows 10 new installation process UI

It continues with a big ring acting as the progress bar and inside the ring, users can actually see the percentage of the progress that has been completed.

At the bottom of the screen reads: “Configuring Settings”, “Setting up”, “Applying PC Settings”, “Setting up a few more things”.

Although, the new Windows 10 setup process UI looks very basic, it’s totally different from the previous setup.

Now, the new update to the installation process is already appearing on internal builds, but it’s not clear when Microsoft is planning to release the changes in Windows 10.

Source Neowin