How to move mouse and keyboard between PCs with PowerToys on Windows 11

PowerToys includes a tool that makes it easier to use one set of mice and keyboard between computers on Windows 11.

Windows 11 move mouse and keyboard
Windows 11 move mouse and keyboard

On Windows 11, you can share the mouse cursor and keyboard between computers using the “Mouse Without Borders” feature available with PowerToys, and in this guide, you will learn the steps to set it up.

If you work with multiple computers, you probably have also been using multiple mice and keyboards, which clutter the desktop and make tasks even more confusing. However, you can use the “Mouse Without Borders” feature to consolidate input devices into a single keyboard and mouse.

The feature works by creating a secure connection between instances of PowerToys running on different devices in the same network. Once you configure the feature, you can move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to transfer the input devices to the computer seamlessly.

You can find similar mouse-sharing solutions, including Logitech Flow, but they either require you to purchase the software or, in the case of Logitech, you have to use one of their supported products. The tool available with PowerToys works with any peripheral, and it’s available at no cost.

This guide will teach you the steps to preview files without opening them from File Explorer on Windows 11.

Share mouse cursor and keyboard between computers on Windows 11

To share the mouse and keyboard between devices on Windows 11, use these steps:

  1. Open PowerToys on Windows 11.

    Quick note: You can use these instructions to install PowerToys on your computer.
  2. Click on Mouse Without Borders.

  3. Turn on the “Enable Mouse Without Borders” toggle switch.

    Enable Mouse Without Borders

    Quick note: If you receive a firewall warning, allow it.
  4. Under the “Encryption key” section, click the New key button.

    Mouse Without Borders create key

  5. Copy the encryption key.

  6. Copy the computer name from the “Host name of this device” setting.

  7. Open PowerToys on the other (destination) device you want to share the mouse.

  8. Click on Mouse Without Borders.

  9. Turn on the “Enable Mouse Without Borders” toggle switch.

    Enable Mouse Without Borders

  10. Under the “Encryption key” section, click the “Security key” setting (not the New key button).

  11. Confirm the security created on the other source computer.

    Windows 11 share mouse and keyboard

  12. Confirm the device name or the source computer.

  13. Click the Connect button.

Once you complete the steps, both devices will connect through PowerToys, and you will be able to share the mouse cursor between the screens as long as the computers are in the same network.

While the connection is established, you will also notice a new “Device layout” section that shows the available displays. Using this setting, you can drag and re-arrange the screen orders to match the physical location of the monitors. The green border highlights where the mouse cursor is located, and you can use the “Refresh connections” button to resolve connection problems using this feature.

The connection always remains active, but you can always turn off the feature. If you turn the feature back on, the devices should reconnect automatically.

Furthermore, in the “Behavior” section, you can choose the features available when using the tool, including the ability to share the clipboard and transfer files between computers. 

PowerToys Mouse Without Borders behavior settings
PowerToys Mouse Without Borders behavior settings

At the bottom of the page, you will also notice the “Keyboard shortcuts” section that allows you to customize the experience even further. If the computer name is not working to establish a connection, you can use the “Advanced settings” to map the IP address of the computer to the hostname manually.

PowerToys Mouse Without Borders shortcuts
PowerToys Mouse Without Borders shortcuts

In addition to Peek, PowerToys includes a slew of tools that can make Windows 11 even more useful, such as Peek, Hosts File Editor, File locksmith, FancyZones, Color Picker, and more. You can use Mouse Without Borders on Windows 11 as well as on Windows 10.

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