Do you need help with Windows 10? Mastering the most popular desktop OS isn’t always easy and there are always be problems, questions, and new features to learn. In the “Windows 10 Help” section, you’ll find the best answer to troubleshoot and fix issues upgrading to a new version, applying a new update, fixing Wi-Fi and other networking problems.

Also, you can get your hands on the most comprehensive tutorials to learn the new features and changes on new version of Windows 10 as well as tutorials to upgrade upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, create a full backup, and a lot more.


Windows 7 full backup process

How to create a full backup on Windows 7

Are you about to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7? Before you start the process, make sure to backup your files, apps, settings, ...

Setup VPN server on Windows 10

How to set up a VPN server on Windows 10

Do you need to create a VPN server? Here are the steps to set up a VPN server using the built-in Incoming Connection feature on Windows 10.

Download Apple iTunes on Windows 10

How to install iTunes on Windows 10

Are you new to iTunes or a macOS users beginning with Windows 10? Here's how you download, install, and remove the iTunes app on your PC.