Windows 10 Technical Preview: The clean installation process (video)

I’ve been testing the preview versions of Windows 10 since the first build, I’ve installed the operating system as an upgrade and as clean installation for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. I also published many articles on the topic, but I have yet to show how the installation process works with the new operating system.

As such, I created a new video, which I’m uploading to the Pureinfotech YouTube channel, that details the clean installation process for Windows 10 (build 9926) and how it has changed since the release of Windows 8. The main installation experience remain the unchanged, but there are a few things that are new.

If you’re ready to jump into Windows 10, here you’ll find how to download the ISO file of the operating system in your language. Also keep in mind that the software is still under development and there are a few known issues you need to be aware.

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