Introducing Windows 10, the next version of Microsoft operating system

Windows 10, this is the new name Microsoft is calling the next version of the operating system. Yes, the software giant has skipped Windows 9 and you don’t have to call it anymore “Threshold”, “Windows 9”, or even “Windows TH”. The company made the announcement today during the San Francisco small event, aimed only for enterprises.

Why Windows 10 and not Windows 9? According to the company, Windows 10 is the most appropriate name, given the extend of changes the operating system is bringing to the table. 

Along with the official introduction of the next version of the operating system, Microsoft also reaffirmed that still committed to deliver a single app Store across devices, and that it’ll keep investing on universal apps, thus helping developers to code once for all devices.

The company said that Windows 10 will be compatible will all the traditional management systems used today. 

Users interesting on testing the Windows 10 preview will be happy to know that they won’t need to wait a lot longer, as the company will open up the Windows Insider Preview Program at tomorrow, Wednesday, October 1st, and users will be able to download the preview. And being a registered Insider tester, users will get the latest builds, features, and fixes as they are ready for testing.

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Windows 10 screenshots

Windows 10 final release will happen sometime in mid-2015. Pricing hasn’t been discuss in today’s briefing, but the rumor is that it’ll be a free update for Windows 8 users, and Windows 7 customers will get some sort of deal.

Image source The Verge