Reactivate Windows 10 with the Activation Troubleshooter

Hands-on with Windows 10 (build 14372 to 14366) Activation Troubleshooter, Refresh Tool, UI changes (video)

In-depth hands-on video with the last four previews of Windows 10, and we look at first look at new Activation Troubleshooter, Refresh Tool, and improvements.

Although the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled to roll out soon, Microsoft continues making available new previews to Insiders. Only not as feature packed like earlier releases. This is because the company is not focus on fixing bugs and polishing the operating system for the July release.

The last test preview with significant changes was build 14361, since then we have received four new previews with minor changes and a few new additions. This time around, instead of making a video for each of the new preview builds, I have compiled the most significant changes found on build 14366, 14367, 14371, and 14372 in one hands-on video.

Windows 10 hands-on video content

The new video highlights changes like the latest tweaks on Cortana and the Start menu. In addition to perhaps the most noticeable inclusions: the new Refresh Tool and the Activation Troubleshooter.

The Refresh Tool was first introduced with the Windows 10 build 14367 update. This is a tool that allow users to do a clean install of Windows 10. The new process isn’t significantly new, but it’ll reduce the number of steps to wipe out your hard drive and reinstall the operating system with the most recent version of Windows 10.

The Activation Troubleshooter was first introduced with the Windows 10 build 14371 update. This is a tool to help users re-activate Windows 10 after they made hardware changes, such as replacing the motherboard or hard drive.

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Source YouTube (Pureinfotech)