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Hands-on with Windows 10 build 14926 new features and changes (video)

In-depth look at the latest Windows 10 Redstone 2 update build 14926 new features and improvements, even those Microsoft didn't mention in its changelog.

Windows 10 build 14926 has been released as part of another update for Redstone 2. The new preview doesn’t include significant changes, but it’s a test version that starts to show visual improvements and new features.

In this new Windows 10 Redstone 2 update, Microsoft is adding a slew of new improvements and fixes, in addition to several noticeable changes.

Build 14926 includes a new “Windows Anywhere” page in the Settings app. Inside the Storage settings page shows new icons to better preset options to users. Microsoft Edge introduces a new feature called Snooze to create a Cortana reminder out of an open tab, and you can now import or export favorites as HTML files.

In addition, Microsoft Edge gains two new extensions, including TamperMonkey and Personal Shopping Assistant created by Microsoft Garage.

This flight part of the Redstone 2 update also doesn’t reinstall built-in apps that you removed from your PC during an upgrade, and you can now sign-in with a PIN password regardless if the Num Lock is turned on or off.

If you’re planning to skip the download of build 14926 or simply want to see what’s new, you can watch the hands-on video with the latest Windows 10 Redstone 2 update.

The video highlights all the changes and goes into details on the Settings app, Microsoft Edge, and system.

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