Shifting gears

Windows 10 version 1909 will use the ‘Vanadium’ codename

Microsoft to start using elements names as codenames for developments of Windows 10, and the first two names are: Vanadium and Vibranium.

Windows 10 Vanadium

Microsoft is reportedly planning to change the codename scheme for future developments of Windows 10, and according to ZDNet sources, the development project for version 1909, which is expected to release in the second half of 2019, will be known as Windows 10 Vanadium.

Several months ago, the company announced that it was retiring the “Redstone” codenames for Windows 10, in favor of a new format that reflects the year and part of the year the release belongs. For example, 19H1 for the development of the April 2019 Update, and 19H2 for the November 2019 Update.

However, according to the new report, after Windows 10 19H1, instead of using the 19H2 codename, Microsoft will use the element name “Vanadium,” to align the naming scheme with Azure releases.

If the company moves forward with the new scheme, after “Windows 10 Vanadium,” the next feature update releasing in 2020 would carry the “Chromium” codename. Unfortunately, the name will conflict with the name Google uses for its Chrome development, but to avoid confusion, Microsoft is considering to use a made-up element name, such as “Vibranium.” (Just like the metal that Marvel’s Captain America uses in his shield.)