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Windows 10 version release history tracker

Windows Update History information helps you know exactly what's the latest version of Windows 10 available.

UPDATE 3/17: Microsoft changed the way devices get updated when introduced the idea of Windows as a Service (WaaS). This means that starting with Windows 10, and moving forward, instead of waiting years to get an entire new version, we get smaller incremental updates twice a year.

The caveat with this approach is versioning becomes more confusing, and it makes difficult to track what’s the latest version number of Windows 10. In the past, it was easy to distinguish the different versions because of the number next to the name (e.g., Windows 7 and Windows 8).

Now you could be running an entire new version of the operating system, but it continues to be Windows 10. The only way to know if your PC is up to date is by knowing exactly the latest version number of Windows 10 available and manually checking the version on your device.

In order to help you stay up to date, here is the latest Windows 10 update history information (including for devices enrolled in the Windows Insider Preview).

Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) history

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the fourth major release and the second in one year. While it’s available starting October 17, 2017, it’s still referred as version “1709” indicating the year and month when the update was completed.

The initial version is the Windows 10 build 16299.15, and after a number of quality updates the latest version is Windows 10 build 16299.309.

Release dateBuild numberKnowledge BasePlatform
March 13, 201816299.309KB4088776PC
March 5, 201816299.251KB4090913PC
February 13, 201816299.248KB4074588 PC
January 31, 201816299.214KB4058258PC
January 18, 201816299.201KB4073291PC
January 3, 201816299.192KB4056892 PC
December 12, 201716299.125KB4054517 PC
November 30, 201716299.98
KB4051963 PC
November 14, 201716299.64
KB4048955 PC
October 13, 201716299.19
October 3, 201716299.15

Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update) history

The Windows 10 Creators Update is the third major update for the OS, and even though it’s available starting April 11, 2017, Microsoft has decided to refer this version as “1703”. 

The initial version is Windows 10 build 15063, and after a number of cumulative updates the latest version is Windows 10 build 15063.966.

Release DateBuild NumberKnowledge BasePlatform
March 13, 201815063.966KB4088782PC
March 8, 201815063.936KB4092077 PC
February 13, 201815063.877KB4074592PC
January 17, 201815063.877KB4057144 PC
January 3, 201815063.850 KB4056891PC
December 12, 201715063.786KB4053580 PC
November 14, 201715063.726KB4048954 PC
November 2, 201715063.675KB4049370 PC
October 10, 201715063.674KB4041676 PC
September 26, 2017 15063.632KB4040724PC, Mobile
September 12, 2017 15063.608KB4038788 PC, Mobile
August 8, 201715063.540KB4034674PC, Mobile
August 2, 201715063.502KB4032188 PC, Mobile (Release Preview)
July 6, 201715063.448KB4034450 PC (Slow ring)
June 27, 201715063.447KB4022716 PC, Mobile
June 13, 201715063.414KB4022725 Mobile
June 13, 201715063.413KB4022725 PC
May 25, 201715063.332KB4020102 PC, Mobile
May 9, 201715063.296, 15063.297KB4016871 PC, Mobile
April 25, 201715063.250KB4016240 PC
April 11, 201715063.138KB4015583PC, Mobile
April 6, 201715063.13KB4016251PC (Production ring)
April 3, 201715063.14KB4016252PC (Fast ring)
April 3, 201715063.13KB4016251PC (Slow, Release Preview ring)
March 31, 201715063.11KB4016250PC
March 29, 201715063.22Mobile

Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) history

This is the second and latest major update, and while Microsoft released the update on August 2, 2016, the company decided to keep the “1607” version number. This version is also known as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The initial version was Windows 10 build 14393.10, and after a number of cumulative updates the latest version is Windows 10 build 14393.2125.

Release DateBuild numberKnowledge BasePlatform
March 13, 201814393.2125KB4088787 PC
February 13, 201814393.2034KB4074590PC
January 17, 201814393.2034KB4057142PC
January 3, 201814393.2007KB4056890 PC
December 12, 201714393.1944KB4053579 PC
November 28, 201714393.1914KB4051033PC
November 14, 201714393.1913KB4051033PC
November 2, 201714393.1797KB4052231 PC
October 18, 201714393.1794KB4041688PC
September 26, 2017 14393.1737KB4038801PC
September 12, 2017 14393.1715KB4038782 PC
August 28, 201714393.1670KB4039396 PC
August 8, 201714393.1593KB4034658 PC
July 11, 201714393.1480KB4025339PC
June 27, 201714393.1378KB4022723 PC
June 13, 201714393.1358KB4022715 PC
May 9, 201714393.1198KB4019472 PC, Mobile
April 11, 201714393.1066, 14393.1083KB4015217 PC
March 22, 201714393.970KB4016635 PC
March 20, 201714393.969KB4015438 PC
March 14, 201714393.963KB4013429PC
January 24, 201714393.726KB3216755PC, Mobile
January 10, 201714393.693KB3213986 PC, Mobile
January 3, 201714393.594KB3209835PC, Mobile
December 13, 201614393.576KB3206632 PC, Mobile
November 29, 201614393.479KB3201845 PC, Mobile
November 9, 201614393.448KB3200970Mobile
November 8, 201614393.447KB3200970PC
October 27, 201614393.351KB3197954PC, Mobile
October 11, 201614393.321KB3194798PC, Mobile
September 29, 201614393.222KB3194496PC, Mobile
September 20, 201614393.187 and 14393.189KB3193494PC, Mobile
September 13, 201614393.187 and 14393.189KB3189866PC, Mobile
August 31, 201614393.105KB3176938PC, Mobile
August 23, 201614393.82KB3176934 PC, Mobile
August 9, 201614393.51KB3176495PC, Mobile
August 2, 201614393.10KB3176929PC, Mobile

Windows 10 version 1511 (November Update) history

This is the first major update, which the company released on November 2015. This version is also known as the Windows 10 November Update.

The initial version was Windows 10 build 10586, and after a number of cumulative updates the latest version is Windows 10 build 10586.1478.

Release DateBuild numberKnowledge BasePlatform
March 13, 201810586.1478KB4088779PC
February 13, 201810586.1417KB4074591PC
January 3, 201810586.1356KB4056888 PC
December 12, 201710586.1295KB4053578 PC
November 14, 201710586.1232KB4048952PC
November 2, 201710586.1177KB4052232 PC
September 12, 201710586.1106KB4038783 PC
August 8, 201710586.1045KB4034660 PC
July 11, 201710586.1007KB4025344PC
June 27, 201710586.965KB4032693 PC
June 13, 201710586.962KB40227714PC
May 9, 201710586.916KB4019473 PC
April 11, 201710586.873KB4015219 PC
March 14, 201710586.839KB4013198PC
January 10, 201710586.753KB3210721PC
December 13, 201610586.713KB3205386PC
October 11, 201610586.633KB3192441 PC
September 13, 201610586.589KB3185614 PC
August 9, 201610586.545KB3176493 PC
July 12, 201610586.494KB3172985 PC, Mobile
June 14, 201610586.420KB3163018 PC
May 10, 2016 10586.318KB3156421 PC
April 12, 201610586.218KB3147458 PC
March 8, 201610586.164KB3140768 PC
March 1, 201610586.122KB3140743 PC
February 9, 201610586.104KB3135173 PC, Mobile

Windows 10 version 1507 (Initial Release) history

This is initial the version of the new operating system, which Microsoft released on July 2015.

The initial version was Windows 10 build 10240, and after a number of cumulative updates the latest version is Windows 10 build 10240.17797.

Release DateBuild numberKnowledge BasePlatform
Windows 10 version 1511 support has ended on October 10, 2017. Extended support for Enterprise and Education ends on April 2018.
March 13, 201810240.17797KB4088786PC
February 13, 201810240.17770KB4074596PC
January 3, 201810240.17738 KB4056893PC
December 12, 201710240.17709KB4053581PC
November 14, 201710240.17673KB4048956PC
September 12, 201710240.17609KB4038781PC
August 8, 201710240.17533KB4034668 PC
July 11, 201710240.17488KB4025338PC
June 27, 201710240.17446KB4032695PC
June 13, 201710240.17443KB4022727PC
May 9, 201710240.17394KB4019474 PC
April 11, 201710240.17354 KB4015221PC
March 14, 201710240.17319KB4012606PC
January 10, 201710240.17236KB3210720PC
December 13, 201610240.17202KB3205383PC
October 11, 201610240.17146KB3192440 PC
September 20, 201610240.17113KB3193821 PC
September 13, 201610240.17113KB3185611 PC
August 9, 201610240.17071KB3176492 PC
July 12, 201610240.17024KB3163912 PC
June 14, 201610240.16942KB3163017 PC
May 10, 201610240.16854KB3156387 PC
April 12, 201610240.16769KB3147461 PC
March 8, 201610240.16725KB3140745 PC
February 9, 201610240.16683KB3135174 PC

Windows 10 (version 1809) Insider Preview build history

Dubbed Redstone 5, Windows 10 version 1809 is another major feature update expected to release in fall 2018. Below you’ll find the history of the Windows Insider Preview builds released in the Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings. The latest version available to Insiders is Windows 10 build 17623.

Release dateBuild numberRingPlatform
March 16, 201817623Skip AheadPC
March 7, 201817618Skip AheadPC
February 14, 201817604Skip AheadPC

Windows 10 (version 1803) Insider Preview build history

Version 1803 is the next major feature update of Windows 10 expected to release in spring 2018. Below you’ll find the history of the Windows Insider Preview builds released in the Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings for the Redstone 4 update development. The latest version available to Insiders is Windows 10 build 17123.

Release dateBuild numberRingPlatform
March 16, 201817123FastPC
March 16, 201817120SlowPC
March 13, 201817120FastPC
March 9, 201817115SlowPC
March 6, 201817115FastPC
March 2, 201817112FastPC
February 27, 201817110FastPC
February 23, 201817107FastPC
February 14, 201817101FastPC
February 7, 201817093Fast and Skip AheadPC
January 24, 201817083Fast and Skip AheadPC
January 19, 201817074.1002Slow PC
January 19, 201817074.1002Fast and Skip AheadPC
January 12, 201817074Fast and Skip AheadPC
December 19, 201717063Fast and Skip AheadPC
November 22, 201717046Fast and Skip AheadPC
November 16, 201717040Fast and Skip AheadPC
November 8, 201717035Fast and Skip AheadPC
November 1, 201717025SlowPC
October 25, 201717025Fast and Skip AheadPC
October 13, 201717017Fast and Skip AheadPC
September 27, 201717004Fast (Skip Ahead)PC
September 13, 201716362Fast (Skip Ahead)PC
August 31, 201716353Fast (Skip Ahead)PC
July 26, 201716251Fast (Skip Ahead)PC

Windows 10 (version 1709) Insider Preview build history

Alongside the public versions, Microsoft also has the Windows Insider Preview Program, which allows anyone to download pre-release version of Windows 10 to test new features and changes of an upcoming update.

The program is divided into rings, including the Slow, Release Preview, and Fast ring.

The Slow ring lets users get pre-release versions of Windows 10 that are very stable, but may have some bugs and things not working. The current available version is Windows 10 build 14931, which is for the Anniversary Update.

The Release Preview ring lets users get pre-release versions of upcoming cumulative updates of a particular version of Windows 10.

The Fast ring lets users get pre-release versions of Windows 10 with the latest features and changes. Updates released through this ring are buggy, some features may not work, and it’s a not version recommended to run on a production machine. The current available version is Windows 10 build 16299.15 for PC and Windows 10 Mobile build 15254.1 (Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update candidate) for phone.

Release dateBuild numberRingPlatform
October 19, 201715254.1Release PreviewMobile
October 11, 201715254.1Fast/SlowMobile
October 10, 201716299.15Release PreviewPC
October 4, 201716299.15SlowPC
October 2, 201716299.15FastPC
September 28, 201716299SlowPC
September 26, 201716299FastPC
September 26, 201716296SlowPC
September 22, 201716296FastPC
September 22, 201715252SlowMobile
September 22, 201716291SlowPC
September 22, 201716296FastPC
September 20, 201716294FastPC
September 19, 201716291FastPC
September 15, 201715252FastMobile
September 15, 201716288SlowPC
September 14, 201715245SlowMobile
September 12, 201716288FastPC
September 12, 201715250FastMobile
September 1, 201716278SlowPC
September 1, 201716281FastPC
August 29, 201716278FastPC
August 25, 201715245FastMobile
August 25, 201716275FastPC
August 24, 201715240SlowMobile
August 23, 201716273FastPC
August 9, 201715240FastMobile
August 2, 201716257FastPC
August 2, 201715237Fast Mobile
July 26, 201716251Fast (rs3_release)PC
July 26, 201715235FastMobile
July 13, 201716241FastPC
July 13, 201715230FastMobile
July 7, 201716237FastPC
July 7, 201716232SlowPC
July 6, 201716232.1004FastPC
June 28, 201716232FastPC
June 28, 201715228FastMobile
June 21, 201716226FastPC
June 21, 201715226FastMobile
June 21, 201715223SlowMobile
June 13, 201715223FastMobile
June 8, 201716215FastPC
June 8, 201715222FastMobile
May 17, 201716199FastPC
May 17, 201715215FastMobile
May 11, 201716193FastPC
May 11, 201715213FastMobile
May 4, 201716188FastPC
April 28, 201715208FastMobile
April 28, 201716184FastPC
April 24, 201715207FastMobile
April 19, 201716179FastPC
April 19, 201715205FastMobile
April 14, 201716176FastPC
April 14, 201715204FastMobile
April 7, 201716170FastPC
Windows 10 Creators Update (Redstone 2)
April 25, 201715063.251Release Preview, Slow Mobile
March 29, 201715063SlowPC
March 29, 201715063.2SlowMobile
March 28, 201715063.2FastPC
March 20, 201715063SlowPC
March 20, 201715063FastPC, Mobile
March 17, 201715061FastPC
March 16, 201715060FastPC
March 14, 201715058FastPC
March 10, 201715055FastPC, Mobile
March 10, 201715051SlowMobile
March 8, 201715051FastMobile
March 8, 201715048SlowPC
March 3, 201715048FastPC
March 3, 201715047FastMobile
March 2, 201715043SlowMobile
March 1, 201715042SlowPC
February 28, 201715046FastPC
February 24, 201715043FastMobile
February 24, 201715042FastPC
February 8, 201715031FastPC, Mobile
February 3, 201715025SlowPC
February 1, 201715025FastPC, Mobile
January 27, 201715019FastPC
January 20, 201715014FastPC, Mobile
January 12, 201715007FastPC, Mobile
January 9, 201715002FastPC
December 8, 201614986FastPC
December 1, 201614977FastMobile
November 17, 201614971FastPC
November 16, 201614965SlowPC, Mobile
November 9, 201614965FastPC, Mobile
November 3, 201614959FastPC, Mobile
October 25, 201614955FastPC, Mobile
October 19, 201614951FastPC, Mobile
October 13, 201614946FastPC, Mobile
October 7, 201614942FastPC, Mobile
September 28, 201614936FastPC, Mobile
September 14, 201614926FastPC
August 31, 201614915FastPC, Mobile
August 17, 201614905FastPC, Mobile
August 11, 201614901FastPC

If you don’t know the version of Windows 10 your PC is running, you can use this guide to determine exactly the version of the operating system installed on your device.

This guide will originally published in September 2016, information has been updated in March 2018, and it’ll be kept updated as new releases become available.