Windows 11 Insider Preview build history

Windows 11 Insider Preview build history tracker

Here's the history of all the Windows 11 Insider Preview builds that Microsoft has made available for devices.

UPDATED 11/17/21: As part of the Windows 11 development process, the Windows Insider Program allows developers, businesses, and enthusiasts to access early builds of the OS to test new features, changes and validate software and drivers before they become available. In this guide, you can track the history of every Windows 11 Insider Preview build for computers, including information about their release date, changelog summary, build number, and more.

The Microsoft Windows Insider Program consists of three readiness levels: Dev, Beta, and Release Preview Channels. The Dev Channel is for highly technical users since previews are rough and contain a lot of bugs. Typically, these builds are not stable, you will encounter errors and problems, and you may have to use workarounds to resolve problems.

The Beta Channel is for anyone who wants to test upcoming features or validate applications and deployments. The builds in this channel are somewhat stable, but you may still run into issues. Also, features that appear in this channel are expected to ship in the final release of Windows 11.

Finally, the Release Preview Channel offers the final build of the next version of Windows 11 before it is available to everyone, with advanced quality updates and certain key features.

At the time of this writing, only qualifying devices in the “Dev Channel” will receive previews of Windows 11. The “Beta Channel” currently doesn’t offer previews of the new OS. Also, if your device is not compatible with Windows 11, it will be moved to the “Release Preview Channel” automatically. Currently, the Release Preview Channel is only offering previews for Windows 10 21H2 at this time.

If you have a computer enrolled in any of these channels, you can use this guide to track the history of every released Windows 11 Insider Preview build. (See also the hands-on videos reviews of every preview of Windows 11.)

Windows 11 Dev Insider Preview build history

Starting on September 2, 2021, Microsoft shifted to the active development branch, which means that builds in the Dev Channel are no longer tied to any specific version of Windows 11. However, the features and changes are most like to ship with the next feature update that is expected to arrive in the fall of 2022.

 Release dateBuild numberChannelPlatformNotes
11November 17, 2021 22504DevPCMinor update.
Input themes.
Emojis skin tones.
Settings changes.
10November 11, 2021 22499DevPCMinor update.
Taskbar share window.
9November 3, 2021 22494DevPCMinor update.
Taskbar mic mute button.
Snap groups in Task View.
New setting URI.
8October 27, 2021 22489DevPCMinor update.
Settings visual changes.
DDR for encrypted DNS.
File Explorer changes.
8October 20, 2021 22483DevPCMinor update.
Refresh option for Start menu.
7October 14, 2021 22478DevPCMinor update.
New emojis.
Scroll volume control.
Windows Hello Face changes.
Update Stack Package.
6October 4, 2021 22471DevPCMinor update.
5September 29, 2021 22468DevPCMinor update.
Search option.
VPN improvements.
4September 23, 2021 22463DevPCMinor update.
Ctrl + Shift + C shortcut.
3September 14, 2021 22458DevPCMinor update.
Power menu option.
2September 9, 2021 22454DevPCMinor update.
Context menu tweaks.
1September 2, 2021 22449DevPCMinor update.
New boot animation.
SMB compression.
Settings and Notifications tweaks.

Here are all the new features and enhancements Microsoft has been working on for version 22H2.

Windows 11 21H2 Insider Preview build history

Windows 11 is a new operating system based on Windows 10, expected to arrive in the fall of 2021. Some of the features and changes planned for this new version are already available through the Dev Channel.

Below you will find the history of the Windows Insider Preview builds released in the Dev Channel. The table also includes the history of the builds that the company released before the new OS was announced since those changes are also expected to ship in the final version of Windows 11. The latest version available for testers is Windows 11 build 22000.346.

 Release dateBuild numberChannelPlatformNotes
92November 12, 202122000.346Release Preview
PCMinor release.
2D Emojis.
Lots of fixes.
91October 15, 202122000.282Release Preview
PCMinor release.
AMD fixe.
Non-ASCII Registry fix.
Start fix.
Missing Taskbar fix.
90September 16, 202122000.194BetaPCMinor release.
Snipping Tool.
89September 9, 202122000.184BetaPCMinor release.
88September 2, 202122000.176BetaPCMinor release.
Minor improvements.
87August 27, 202122000.168Dev
PCMinor release.
Minor improvements.
86August 19, 202122000.160Dev
PCMinor release.
Windows Update alert tweak.
New Clock app.
85August 12, 202122000.120Dev
PCMinor release.
New Snipping Tool.
New Calculator.
New Mail & Calendar.
84August 5, 202122000.120Dev
PCMinor release.
File Explorer tweaks.
Taskbar improvements.
83July 22, 202122000.100Dev
PCMinor release.
Taskbar tweaks.
82July 15, 202122000.71Dev
PCMinor release.
Context menu transparency.
File Explorer with New folder button.
81July 8, 202122000.65DevPCMinor release.
Search on Start.
Context menu changes.
80June 28, 202122000.51DevPCMajor release.
New Start menu.
New taskbar.
New Action Center.
New Settings.
New File Explorer.
Snap layouts and groups.
Touch improvements.
WiFi 6E support.
79June 10, 202121390.1010DevPCTest update.
78June 7, 202121390.1000DevPCTest update.
77May 26, 202121390DevPCMinor release.
Task Manager new icon.
Windows Terminal default emulator option.
76May 21, 202121387DevPCMinor release.
Removes Internet Explorer 11.
Disable Eco Mode.
75May 18, 202121382.1000DevPCTest update.
74May 14, 202121382DevPCMinor release.
HDR support for color-managed apps.
Devie Manager tweaks.
File Explorer new folder icon.
Touch keyboard new font and icons.
73May 6, 202121376DevPCMinor release.
Segoe UI Variable font.
Emoji panel tweaks.
Drag and drop changes.
Connect app new icon.
72April 29, 202121370DevPCMinor release.
Bluetooth AAC support.
Bluetooth UI changes.
Touch keyboard improvements.
File Explorer improvements.
71April 21, 202121364DevPCMajor release.
Linux GUI apps support.
Task Manager Eco mode.
Task Manager Edge process classification.
70April 14, 202121359DevPCMinor release.
Start menu power settings restart apps option.
Ease of Access renamed to Accessibility.
69April 7, 202121354DevPCMinor release.
Camera settings.
Display CABC settings.
Start menu tweaks.
Device usage.
CO_RELEASE branch switch.
68March 24, 202121343DevPCMajor release.
File Explorer new icons.
Containers update.
67March 19, 202121337.1010DevPCMajor release.
66March 17, 202121337DevPCMajor release.
Virtual Desktops features.
File Explorer tweaks.
Auto HDR.
Settings apps changes.
Notepad Store app.
App changes.
65March 9, 202121332DevPCMinor update.
Clean install changes.
News and interests tweaks.
Removes Math Input Panel.
64March 8, 202121327.1010DevPCMinor update.
63March 3, 202121327DevPCMajor update.
New system icons.
Updated News and interests.
62February 25, 202121322DevPCMinor update.
3D Objects no longer in File Explorer.
Fixes and improvements.
61February 19, 202121318DevPCMinor update.
Clipboard new paste option.
Bluetooth notification tweak.
Improved app support on ARM64.
60February 12, 202121313DevPCMinor update.
Microsoft Edge legacy deletion.
IME improvements.
Narrator new icon.
Dev for version number.
59February 1, 202121301.1010DevPCMinor update.
58January 27, 202121301DevPCMinor update.
Touch keyboard changes.
Small improvements.
57January 21, 202121296DevPCMinor update.
Clipboard history update.
56January 15, 202121292.1010DevPCMinor update.
55January 13, 202121292DevPCMinor update.
54January 6, 202121286DevPCMajor update.
Taskbar news and interests.
Storage Spaces in Settings.
Time zones changes.
53December 15, 202020279DevPCTest rollout.
52December 10, 202021277 (Optional)DevPCMinor update.
Previous feature return.
51December 10, 202020277DevPCMinor update.
50December 3, 202020270DevPCMinor update.
49November 18, 202020262DevPCMinor update.
Quality fixes.
48November 11, 202020257DevPCMinor update.
Quality fixes.
47November 4, 202020251DevPCMinor update.
Quality fixes.
46October 29, 202020246DevPCMinor update.
WSL2 quick install.
45October 23, 202020241.1005DevPCMinor update.
44October 21, 202020241DevPCMinor update.
App splash screen.
Defrag update.
43October 16, 202020236.1005DevPCMinor update.
42October 14, 202020236DevPCMinor update.
Refresh rate.
Recent searches.
41October 12, 202020231.1005DevPCMinor update.
40October 7, 202020231DevPCMajor update.
Customize your device OOBE.
39September 30, 202020226DevPCMajor update.
Drive health feature.
38September 23, 202020221DevPCMinor update.
Meet Now.
37September 16, 202020215DevPCMinor update.
Search dark theme.
36September 10, 202020211DevPCMinor update.
Linux filesystem access.
Default apps search.
35August 26, 202020206DevPCMajor update.
New Emoji Picker.
Voice Typing.
Touch keyboard tweaks.
34August 26, 202020201DevPCMinor update.
Bug fixes.
33August 21, 202020197DevPCMinor update.
Disk Management in Settings.
Edge Alt + Tab changes.
32August 12, 202020190DevPCMinor update.
Graphics settings.
Welcome experience.
31August 5, 202020185DevPCMinor update.
DNS settings.
DoH option.
30July 29, 202020180DevPCMinor update.
Smaller folder icon in Start.
29July 22, 202020175DevPCMinor update.
PowerShell reset app.
Snip & Sketch app icon.
Sticky Notes app icon.
28July 15, 202020170DevPCMinor update.
Sound settings.
Settings app icon.
27July 1, 202020161DevPCMinor update.
Start menu new design.
Personalized taskbar.
Settings changes.
Notifications changes.
Edge in Alt+Tab.
26June 24, 202020152DevPCMinor update.
25June 17, 202020150DevPCMinor update.
WSL changes.
Settings tweaks.
Windows Security improvements.
24June 10, 202019645Fast ringPCMinor update.
Nested Virtualization for AMD.
Remove Linux kernel from local image.
23June 3, 202019640Fast ringPCMinor update.
22May 27, 202019635Fast ringPCMinor update.
21May 21, 202019631Fast ringPCMinor update.
20May 13, 202019628Fast ringPCMinor update.
19May 6, 202019624Fast ringPCMinor update.
VPN change.
Bluetooth text fix.
18April 29, 202019619Fast ringPCMinor update.
17April 27, 202019613.1005Fast ringPCMinor update.
16April 22, 202019613Fast ringPCMinor update.
15April 17, 202019608.1006Fast ringPCMinor update.
14April 15, 202019608Fast ringPCMinor update.
Default apps search.
13April 8, 202019603Fast ringPCMinor update.
File Explorer WSL option.
Storage cleanup recommendations.
12March 25, 202019592Fast ringPCMinor update.
Tablet mode.
Search improvements.
11March 18, 202019587Fast ringPCMinor update.
Bug fixes.
10March 12, 202019582Fast ringPCMinor update.
About settings.
Time & Date settings.
Eye Control update.
Bug fixes.
9March 5, 202019577Fast ringPCMinor update.
Diagnostic settings.
Windows Security icon.
Bug fixes.
8February 20, 202019569Fast ringPCMinor update.
New colorful icons.
Bug fixes.
7February 12, 202019564Fast ringPCMinor update.
Graphic settings.
Bug fixes.
6February 5, 202019559Fast ringPCMinor update.
Bug fixes.
Hyper-V for ARM64.
5January 30, 202019555Fast ringPCMinor update.
Bug fixes.
4January 23, 202019551Fast ringPCMinor update.
Bug fixes.
Optional updates experiment.
3January 16, 202019546Fast ringPCMinor update.
Bug fixes.
Calculator graphic preview.
Index diagnostics app release.
2January 8, 202019541Fast ringPCMinor update.
Task Manager Details tab update.
Taskbar new location icon.
1December 16, 2019 19536Fast ringPCMinor update.
Optional features download.
Family group setup.

Join Windows Insider Program

On Windows 11, using the Settings app, you can join your device into any of the three testing channels to get early access to new features and enhancements.

To join the Windows Insider Program, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Update & Security.

  3. Click on Windows Insider Program.

  4. Click the Get started button.

    Join Windows Insider Program button
    Join the Windows Insider Program button
  5. Click the Link an account button.

    Link an account option
    Link an account option
  6. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

  7. Click the Continue button.

  8. Under the “Pick your Insider settings” section, select the previews you want to test, including:

    • Dev Channel — Includes new features as soon as they’re ready, but builds are not stable.
    • Beta Channel — Includes new features and enhancements expected for the next version of Windows 11. The previews are more stable, but you may still run into issues.
    • Release Preview Channel — Includes the final version of Windows 11, minus some quality updates.
  9. Click the Confirm button.

    Select Insider channel
    Select Insider channel
  10. Click the Confirm button to agree to terms and conditions.

  11. Click the Restart button.

  12. Open Settings after the reboot.

  13. Click on Update & Security.

  14. Click on Windows Update.

  15. Click the Check for updates button.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview build download
    Windows 11 Insider Preview build download
  16. Click the Restart button.

Once you complete the steps, the latest preview build of Windows 11 available in your selected channel will download and install on your computer.

Change Windows Insider Program channel

You can always switch between channels to test different builds, but you can’t roll back to the current version of Windows 11 without reinstallation.

To change Insider channels, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Windows Update.

  3. Click on Windows Insider Program.

    Windows Insider Program
    Windows Insider Program
  4. Click the Choose your Insider settings option.

  5. Select a different Insider channel of Windows 11 – for example, Dev Channel, Beta Channel, or Release Preview Channel.

    Change Insider Channel
    Change Insider Channel
  6. Restart your device.

  7. Open Settings after the reboot.

  8. Click on Windows Update.

  9. Click the Check for updates button.

  10. Click the Restart button.

  11. After you complete the steps, the new build from the active channel you selected will download and install on the device.

  12. Stop Windows Insider Program builds

Although you can’t roll back to the current release of Windows 11 (unless you perform a clean installation), you can use an option to opt-out of the program, which will continue to download Insider builds. However, once the final version is released, the device will gracefully be removed from the program.

Stop Windows Insider Preview builds

To stop getting Insider builds of Windows 11, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Windows Update.

  3. Click on Windows Insider Program.

    Windows Insider Program
    Windows Insider Program
  4. Click the Stop getting preview builds option.

  5. Turn off the toggle switch for the setting.

    Stop Windows 11 Insider builds
    Stop Windows 11 Insider builds
    Quick note: At the time of this writing, Microsoft is not currently offering a way to opt-out of the program gracefully. If you want to roll back to a previous version, you need to perform a clean install of Windows 10.

Once you complete the steps, the device will no longer receive Insider builds once the final version is installed.